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History of ICAB

ICAB was established in 2002 at the inaugural World Bar Conference in Edinburgh, where members of all the independent referral bars gathered in Edinburgh from 27-29 June 2002 to examine and discuss current issues affecting barristers.


Each of the participating bars provided speakers and the conference afforded registrants a unique opportunity to consider and assess the role of the Bar and the challenges it and its members face.


The conference was an initiative of the Barristers and Advocates Forum, a specialist group of the International Bar Association.

The organisation of the conference was undertaken by the Faculty of Advocates and the Australian Bar Association on behalf of the participating Bars.


The Edinburgh Declaration, a series of resolutions defending the independence of the courts and the legal profession across the world, arose from the Conference. Matters such as competition policy, direct access, regulation of the profession, independence of the profession and specialisation were on the agenda.


Under the Edinburgh Declaration, ICAB members are committed to supporting, in all ways open to them, legal practitioners in countries where their capacity to practice and organise themselves freely and independently is under threat.



Current ICAB office holders

Co Chair: Jeremy Muller SC (South Africa)

Co Chair: Gordon Jackson QC (Scotland)

Hon Secretary: Angela Grahame QC (Scotland)


Members of ICAB

The Australian Bar Association

The Bar Council of Ireland

The Faculty of Advocates (Scotland)

The General Council of the Bar of England and Wales

The General Council of the Bar of Northern Ireland

The General Council of the Bar of South Africa

The Hong Kong Bar Association

The New Zealand Bar Association

The Society of Advocates of Namibia

The Law Society of Zimbabwe


Guest Jurisdictions

• Bahamas Bar

• Barbados Bar

• Bombay Bar Association

• Delhi Bar Association

• General Council of the Bar of Gibraltar

• Guernsey Bar

• Bar Association of India

• International Academy of Trial Lawyers

• Bar Council of India

• Jamaica Bar

• Jersey Law Society

• Bar Library, Kolkata

• Malaysian Bar

• Mauritius Bar Association

• Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago

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